2021 Alumni Volunteer Awards 

The Office of Annual Giving Award

This award is presented to class leaders on behalf of the classes that have secured the largest class gift and greatest percentage of giving participation. 

Diane (Schmidt) Ladley ’70, P’01

Jill Stetz-Lewis ’89 

Ed Davis ’60

Lee Kreidler ’59, P’85, GP’21

The classes of 1970, led by Diane (Schmidt) Ladley ’70, and 1989, led by Jill Stetz-Lewis ’89, achieved the largest class gift overall and for The Muhlenberg Fund. The classes of 1960, led by Ed Davis ’60, and 1959, led by Lee Kreidler ’59, P’85, achieved greatest class participation. 

Chester Hill ’20 Award for Leadership by a Class Fund Chair

This award is presented to the class fund chairs who provided exemplary service to the College on behalf of their class, and whose efforts played a critical role in securing financial support for The Muhlenberg Fund.

Dawn Eilenberger ’79

Rudy Favocci ’79, P’12 

Mitch Goldblatt ’79

The Class Leadership Committee for the class of 1979 went above and beyond to engage their classmates over the last year. Dawn Eilenberger, Mitch Goldblatt and Rudy Favocci spearheaded multiple virtual class gatherings to keep up momentum and encourage their classmates to give back to the College. 

“I volunteer because I want to ensure that future generations of students have the same opportunity to get a first class education and experience, the same sense of community that I enjoyed during my years at Muhlenberg.” Dawn Eilenberger ’79

“I love Muhlenberg and one of my proudest moments was walking my daughter across the stage as she earned her degree.” Rudy Favocci ’79, P’12

“Muhlenberg is a special place and by continuing to give back as alumni we make our alma mater even stronger.” Mitch Goldblatt ’79

Young Alumni Volunteer Award

This award is presented to an alum who made significant contributions of energy, time and talent, and has demonstrated a commitment to the advancement of Muhlenberg through the engagement of our young alumni.

Rebecca Romano ’14

From serving on the HMMS Committee and Young Alumni Council, chairing her 5th reunion committee, hosting job shadow students and returning to the classroom for Alumni Week, Rebecca has remained actively engaged with Muhlenberg since graduating in 2014. 

I want current and future generations of Mules to have a rewarding experience like I had, and to have access to every opportunity for academic, professional and personal development, whether on campus or beyond the Red Doors.” Rebecca Romano ’14

Reunion Volunteer Award

This award is presented to the reunion volunteers who have shown great dedication and enthusiasm in planning class activities for reunion.

Tim Birch ’80 

Stu Schnall ’80, P’08 

Tim and Stu co-chaired a 40th reunion truly like no other. For the first time, Alumni Weekend went virtual in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tim and Stu hosted a virtual gathering that included a live performance and art presentation as well as a game of Muhlenberg trivia.

My four years at Muhlenberg brought together a love of learning, a series of lifelong friendships and a sense of community among faculty and students that I wish I could have replicated in the years since our graduation.”  Tim Birch ’80

I am thrilled to see that Muhlenberg is a better place now than it was in my days and that encourages me to “give back” and help support its continued success.” Stu Schnall ’80, P’08

The Muhlenberg Network Volunteer Award

This award is given to an alum who demonstrates a deep commitment to the advancement of our career services and network initiatives.

Les Polk ’08

Les has been an avid supporter of Career Center programming, speaking on career-related panels, posting jobs and internships for current students and offering job shadow and externship opportunities. His commitment has created a robust experience for the students that connects their education to real world experience.

“The need for critical thinking skills, complex analysis of problems and the ability to develop creative solutions is in high demand, and Muhlenberg helps prepare graduates for this type of work.”  Les Polk ’08

General Pete Award

This award is presented to an alum or an organization who recently began their volunteer service to the College, demonstrated success in both quality and quantity of volunteer service and shows promise for continued service. 

Kelly Owens-Pisano ’09 

A new member of the Alumni Board, Kelly supports THAW events, serves on the Young Alumni Council and her reunion committee, participates in career networking and speaking engagements and hosts students for job shadow and career road trips. She participates in Alumni Week and is actively involved with the Institute for Religious and Cultural Understanding. 

My career was started thanks to the visibility and accessibility of a Berg volunteer, so this is my way to pay it forward!  Kelly Owens-Pisano ’09

Volunteer Leadership Service Award

This award is presented to an alum who demonstrates a significant pattern of volunteer service to the College and is actively engaged as a leader in volunteer work through initiatives such as the Career Center, regional clubs, events, fundraising, affinity groups, reunion and the Alumni Board.

Lee Kreidler ’59, P’85

Lee supports education students at Muhlenberg by serving on career panels and as a mock interviewer for student teachers. His class of 1959 has achieved the highest class gift or greatest class participation several times thanks to Lee’s leadership as class fund chair. He has served on the Board of Trustees and the Alumni Board and been a consistent donor and member of the Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Society. 

“Without financial aid I would not have attended Muhlenberg. My hope is that my volunteer work, especially as Class Fund Chair, in some way translates to making a ‘Berg education possible for deserving young women and men.”  Lee Kreidler ’59, P’85


2020 Alumni Volunteer Award Winners

Chester Hill '20 Award for Leadership by a Class Fund Chair 

Bruce Albright '74

Young Alumni Volunteer Award 

Casie Ropski ’17

Reunion Volunteer Award 

Mitch Goldblatt ’79, Lee Kreidler ’59, Ed Meyer ’59

The Muhlenberg Network Volunteer Award  

Phil Haas ’05

General Pete Award 

Nick Tranguch ’02

Volunteer Leadership Service Award 

John Trainer ’65