Past Exhibitions


Scott Sherk:
August 28 – September 28, 2013

Martin Art Gallery

Expectedly, Surround is about sound and listening.  Gallery visitors who are used to the immediacy of vision will be rewarded if they are willing to spend time listening. Projected video imagery is included as a means to increase visitors’aural experience.  Included in the show are Running, inspired by the individual cadence of joggers in Central Park Reservoir in New York City and Rondine, made from recording swallows swooping and diving in an Italian piazza.  Other works included are: Dolmen, Birds in Bamboo, Games, Harmonizer: Friends Meetinghouses, and New York Glyptic.

When Sherk began his artistic career as a sculptor, he became interested in how three-dimensional objects in space define both the objects and the spaces. Experiences in Japan taught him that one can remove an object from a space, and yet a tangible sense of that space can remain.

His on-going creative journey has, in recent years, brought him to discover a similar experience with sound.  He explains, “When one hears sounds in space,each sound reveals the space in which it exists.  You clap your hands in a large room and you hear both the clap and the effects that the room has on the handclap—the reflections of sound off the walls, floor and ceiling.  He hopes Surround “will in some way make us all pay more attention to the aural world around us.” 

An artist’s reception will be held in the Gallery, Thursday, September 5, 4:30-6 P.M. 



Past Exhibitions

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