Corporate Affiliates Program

Muhlenberg College brings scholars and business professionals together with our business partners to explore complex ideas, increase our understanding of an ever-changing world and think beyond traditional boundaries—which we have done for more than 170 years.

Muhlenberg strives to serve the ongoing educational and professional development needs of the regional workforce and support our partners in providing quality academic and professional development programs that address the needs of their workforce to grow and develop professionally and its needs to build a pipeline of leaders to support its future growth. Together, Muhlenberg College and its partners establish a long-term strategic partnership in support of a variety of educational programs that will promote the growth and ongoing professional development of their workforce, and that will position both institutions as offering a distinctive center of excellence in the field.

A Partner-Focused Approach

Muhlenberg College Division of Graduate and Continuing Education are adult instructional design and delivery experts. As your training partner, we can discover your training goals and determine the path to reach them. In addition, Muhlenberg is a partner in your success and will work directly with you to find your underlying business goals and challenges and create targeted solutions that impact the employee and the organization.

  • DISCOVER your training needs and the talent within your organization to pursue them.
  • DEVELOP high-performing employees and design focused educational programs to help them grow with your organization.
  • DELIVER results and measure them to ensure you meet your organization, team, and employee goals.

For more information or to schedule an initial discovery session, please contact Samantha Anglestein, Assistant Director, College Partnerships.


Samantha Angelstein
Assistant Director, College Partnerships
[email protected]

Samantha Anglestein

Assistant Director, College Partnerships
Address Muhlenberg College The Division of Graduate and Continuing Education 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104