Muhlenberg College's Corporate Programs are designed with the three D's in mind; Discover, Develop and Deliver.


You know your business, your staff and your challenges. We're experts in instructional design and delivery. By working as partners, we can discover your actual training goals and determine the path to reach them. This critical discovery and analysis phase will identify key areas of need within your organization.

Your managers will be an integral part of the planning, design and projected outcomes for your professional development program. Muhlenberg is a partner in your success, and we will work with you to develop a customized training program. As educators, we measure our success by the performance of our learners: your employees.


What is the development phase? In the develop phase, we will help you create end-to-end learning solutions aligned with the staff development goals identified during Discovery. You can choose to start with one of our existing degree programs and map outcomes to your organization, or our team will work with you to create a completely customized program. 

Complete Professional Development Plan - We assist you in building a complete professional development plan tailored to your organizational, departmental and employee needs. As those needs adjust over time, so can your programs' goals, topics, and curriculum. 


The Deliver phase encompasses the physical delivery of your programs and, more importantly, the achievement of outcomes defined during the Discovery phase. 

You have options, we have solutions - We offer multiple program formats to provide your employees with flexible, convenient educational options. Many organizations we work with host programs at their corporate locations at times that are convenient for their employees. We also offer companies access to our team of digital learning experts who can adapt courses and curricula for online learning. 

Delivery Methods May Include: 

  • Hybrid Online/In-person;
  • Classes held at your campus or facility;
  • Classes are held on our campus and in our classrooms;
  • Online delivery.


Our primary goal is to deliver results that meet your defined outcomes. That's why our partnership extends to post-training evaluation and result measurement. Identifying evaluation metrics and appropriate follow-up training ensures your overall success. 

By building in desired outcomes from the start, we help ensure success. Then, through measurement and review with your management team, we continue to develop the training goals, curriculum, and approach. This approach puts your organization at the center of the entire process.

For more information or to schedule an initial discovery session, please contact Samantha Anglestein, Corporate Outreach Manager, by scheduling a 30-minute needs assessment meeting or by contacting her directly at  or 484-664-3300.


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