What undergraduate majors align with the 4 + 1 Master’s in Applied Analytics?

Students studying computer science and or mathematics/statistics will have the most straightforward pathway to complete the 4+1 MAA program. Students choosing one of these tracks will typically take six classes for their major and minor that together will satisfy four-course units in the graduate program.  

In addition, students in other areas of the College can also choose the 4+1 without pursuing a degree in mathematics or computer science or even a minor in statistics. Students can instead choose to take the four graduate foundation courses in statistics and programming, provided they have the prerequisite statistics background and apply those courses as elective undergraduate credits. Students could also choose to take some of the foundation courses at the undergraduate level and others at the graduate level: a psychology student, for example, might choose to take the statistics courses through the undergraduate curriculum and the CS courses at the graduate level. These additional pathways are also outlined below.  

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