As a Muhlenberg College graduate student, you'll be part of an academically strong learning community with a reputation for creating close relationships with faculty who bring strong academic credentials and deep industry experience while building your network with other professionals.

Our classes are filled with students with varied backgrounds and interests, eager to share, learn and grow. Muhlenberg faculty and staff are committed to preparing you for career success.

Admission Criteria

Muhlenberg College admits applicants whose profile demonstrates the most significant potential for graduate study and contribution to their profession and society. A combination of prior academic performance, career accomplishments, community engagement through volunteerism and other leadership activities.

Financial hardship should not be a barrier to enrollment. Don't hesitate to contact an advisor to discuss your options. 

Visit Campus

We encourage and welcome you to visit our campus and meet with our VP Executive Director, Dean of Graduate Studies, or other graduate admissions advisors. Visiting campus before applying is not necessary but can be a chance to explore the fit between you and Muhlenberg College School of Graduate Studies. It can also be a chance to develop a relationship with a graduate advisor who can be a resource for you. 


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