Mission statement

Muhlenberg College’s business program strives to develop knowledgeable, independent thinkers who are passionate about a life of learning, prepared for rewarding careers in diverse professions, and well-equipped to succeed as workers and leaders in complex business environments.

   Goals and Objectives of the Business Program

To foster students’ personal and professional growth. Our students will:

  • develop outstanding quantitative analysis and critical thinking skills
  • excel in oral, written, and presentation skills
  • receive mentoring and career development counsel

To offer diverse pedagogies suitable to business and organization studies with:

  • community-based and service learning programs
  • action / praxis learning, within and outside the class
  • a vigorous internship program

To recognize and accommodate various student learning styles and abilities, using creatively structured evaluative methods, assignments and classroom instruction

To develop strategic partnerships with businesses, community groups, and alumni on behalf of our students and for our own professional development.

To model and demonstrate the best practices of our disciplines.

To encourage and develop a collaborative environment in scholarship, teaching, research, and service.

To help our students achieve personal fulfillment in their lives and careers