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Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center is hosting an exciting book talk on March 13 with Jason Whitesel, a sociologist and gender studies faculty member at Pace University, regarding his book Fat Gay Men: Girth, Mirth, and the Politics of Stigma (NYU Press 2014).


Anthropology of China (ATH 282)


Miachaune McJunkins - '15 was accepted into the Master's Program in the Sociology Department at Lehigh University where she was selected to receive a Graduate Teaching Fellowship.

Malcolm McClain - '17 was accepted into the Master's Program in Sociology at Lehigh University where he was selected to receive a Graduate Teaching Fellowship.

Nicki McVinua '13 - Was accepted to Columbia where she was selected to receive the Kline Fellowship Award (a full-tuition scholarship) for her two years in the social work program.

Rocio Vidal Ronchas - '15 has been accepted into the following programs: MPhil in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge, MSc in Bioarchaeological and Forensic Anthropology at University College London, and the MSc in Archaeological Science at Durham University. Also her research on health status and diet during the Late Medieval Period has been recognized for his exemplary demonstration of growth in and understanding of information literacy through independent study. This will be featured in the Library display.


The Sociology and Anthropology Department’s mission is fourfold:

  1. to teach students discipline specific history, knowledge and methods,
  2. to help students develop critical thinking skills in order to produce reflective, logical, independent theses,
  3. to support the liberal arts mission of the college, and
  4. to add to the body of sociological and anthropological knowledge by conducting and disseminating research.

We are committed to excellence in our teaching and research programs. Read more about the Department's mission.


What are they doing with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology?

What are they doing with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology?

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