First Year Students

Working with First Year students presents its own unique opportunities to connect with new students and help guide them towards feeling a sense of connection to our community. Your relationship with them sets the tone for other faculty and staff interactions and expectations about the academic experience. As shown in recent NSSE survey results, the quality of the academic advising experience is linked to student retention. Thus, you play a very important role in ensuring student success and satisfaction.

First Year advising may be embedded into your First Year Seminar creating an opportunity for group interaction and conversation about the Muhlenberg experience. If you are a FY advisor but not teaching an FYS, you may want to find it helpful to meet early in the semester to check in on your advisees integration into college life.

Below are some recommendations as you work with First Year Students:

  1. First Year students knowledge about college varies as some students may be first generation to college, international students, or have had siblings enrolled at Muhlenberg.
  2. First Year students need help navigating all of the college offices. While most will be enrolled in a fall Foundations of Student Success Course, basic information reinforcing how to find information and ask for help is paramount to a student finding connections or knowing where to connect when needed.
  3. Before your first meeting, check to be sure that your advising is registered for a Foundation of Student Success Course and an FYS during the academic year.
  4. Before your next meeting, check to make sure that your advisee has taken their math, second language, and if applicable, chemistry placement exam.
  5. Be aware of any new Academic Policies that impact your advisees and introduce graduation requirements at your first and subsequent meetings as needed.
  6. Review any letters in their file regarding AP exam placement or transfer credit.
  7. If the student is working with our Office of Disability Services, remind them to make an appointment with the office to schedule accomodations for the semester.
  8. View recommended FY courses webpage.
  9. If needed, review Course Placement Information webpage.
  10. If needed, review College Board AP Placement webpage.
  11. Remind them about support services including Tutoring Services, the Writing Center, Library Specialists, Digital Learning Specialists and other college resources.

Additional Resources: