Our mission in the Graduate School Preparatory Program (GSPP) is to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion by helping students from underrepresented backgrounds successfully apply to, complete, and thrive in graduate and professional programs. In the GSPP, the term “underrepresented” is broadly defined to include first-generation students; students of color -- which includes Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Multi-racial, and other self-identified students of color; students from low-income backgrounds; students with disabilities; students from immigrant backgrounds; LGBTQIA+ students; students in Continuing Studies; students at the intersections of these and other identities; and a broad array of other groups.

The Program uses an expanded conception of “success” that focuses on academic success as well as mental and emotional health. The Program attends to students’ needs as both scholars and human beings to help students craft and navigate personalized paths to graduate school that will allow them to build careerrs and lives that bring them fulfillment and joy.


This program is housed under three different offices on campus:

Africana Studies

Career Center

Multicultural Life 

Program Co-Directors:

Image for Grad School Prep Program

Giancarlo Cuadra, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology

Member of the Pre-Health Advisory Committee

Emanuela Kucik, PhD

Assistant Professor of English and Africana Studies

Director of Africana Studies Program

Committee members:

By division:

  Professor Sharon Albert, Senior Lecturer in Religion Studies
  Dr. Ioanna Chatzidimitriou, Associate Professor of French
  Professor Heidi Cruz-Austin, Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance
  Dr. Elena FitzPatrick Sifford, Assistant Professor of Art History
  Dr. Kassie Hartford, Assistant Professor of Music
  Dr. Margo Hobbs, Professor and Chair of Art History, Associate Director of the Africana Studies Program
  Dr. Emanuela Kucik, Assistant Professor of English Literatures and Writing and Africana Studies, Director of the Africana Studies Program
  Dr. Leticia Robles-Moreno, Assistant  Professor of Theatre
  Dr. Dawn Lonsinger, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing
  Dr. Ethan Philbrick, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre
  Professor Frederick Wright Jones, Assistant Professor of Art
 Natural Sciences
  Dr. Giancarlo Cuadra, Assistant Professor of Biology
  Dr. Gretchen Gotthard, Associate Professor Psychology and Neuroscience
  Dr. Amy Hark, Professor of Biology
  Dr. Matthieu de Wit, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
  Dr. Silvia Porello, Lecturer in Chemistry
  Dr. Jorge Silveyra, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  Dr. Jordanna Sprayberry, Professor of Biology and Neuroscience
  Professor Karen Tuerk, Lecturer in Environmental Science and Chemistry
  Dr. Leah Wilson, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
 Social Sciences
  Dr. Jacqueline Antonovich, Assistant Professor of History
  Dr. Binta Bah - Consortium for Faculty Diversity Fellow, Visiting Assistant Professor in Education
  Dr. Irene Chien, Assistant Professor of Media and Communication
  Dr. Maura Finkelstein, Associate Professor of Anthropology
  Dr. Mohsin Hashim, Professor of Political Science
  Professor Cathy Kim, Senior Lecturer in Education, Coordinator of Professional Programs
  Dr. Jefferson Pooley, Professor, Media & Communication
  Dr. Justin Preddie, Consortium for Faculty Diversity Fellow, Visiting Assistant Professor in Psychology
  Dr. Ranajoy Ray-Chauduri, Associate Professor of Economics, Director of Muhlenberg Scholars Honors Program
  Dr. Sarah Runcie, Assistant Professor of History
  Dr. Sahar Sadeghi, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  Dr. Harry Simón Salazar, Assistant Professor of Media & Communication
 Staff and Administration committee members
  Dean Michele Deegan, Dean of Academic Life and Professor of Political Science
  Ms. Eveily Freeman, Associate Director of the Office of Community Engagement
  Ms. Beth Halpern, Director of the Office of Community Engagement
  Ms. Tina Hertel, Library Director
  Ms. Samantha Hof, Director, Employer Engagement, Career Center
  Ms. Aliya Kenyatta, Counselor and Licensed Social Worker
  Ms. Cailin Pachter, Director of Health Professions Advising
  Ms.Robin Riley-Casey, Associate Dean of Students, Director of Student Diversity Initiatives
  Mr. Ryan Smolko, Associate Director of the Career Center
  Ms. Courtney Stephens, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Housing & Residence Life
  Dr. Brooke Vick, Associate Provost for Faculty and Diversity Initiatives and Associate Professor of Psychology
  Ms. Sara Weidner, Assistant Director of Career Coaching and Education, Career Center
  Dean Allison Williams, Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students

Current Students:

By division:

 HumanitiesNatural SciencesSocial Sciences
  Nancy Agosto Isabella Caban-Echevarria Leslie Avecillas
  Aevyn Barnett Ava Duskic Robert Awuah
  Maria Castillo Auroni Hashim Adonis Brooks
  Michaela (Micha) Colahan Lindsay Helock Alexandra Caban-Echevarria
  Lili Daskais Megan Lyttle Kelsey Casimir
  Maereg Gebretekle Laurie O'Neill Emely Minaya De La Cruz
  Amoy Gill Larissa (Lacey) Mai Pasco Katherine (Katie) Dickey
  Audrey (Miriam) Morton Anna Riordan Robert (Rob) Fehnel
  Ayanna Roberts Jessica (Jess) Rostron Cindy (CJ) Jasmine Funes
  Miriam (Mary) Roeder  Anna Shigo Simone Kaye
    Rebecca Zipper  Giovanni Merrifield
      Isabella Mohrey
      River Garcia Orellana
      Shobha Pai
      Allison Piotte
      Trevon (Trey) Young
      Shelly Zaid-Kunz


If you are interested in joining the GSPP, please apply using the application link below. The GSPP is for people at all stages of their graduate school application journeys, including those who feel that they don't know where to begin. We are here to help you through every stage of the process!

Before applying, please review the criteria below. If you meet all of the criteria, please submit your application by May 20th, 2022. Please make sure to read all components of the application, including the descriptions at the beginning of each section, and please don't hesitate to email Dr. Kucik or Dr. Cuadra if you have any questions about the Program or the application.

The GSPP is open to students who:

  1. Are sophomores; juniors; seniors; recent alumni; and/or Continuing Studies students;
  2. Are interested in attending graduate programs;
  3. Identify as members of underrepresented groups, as described under "Mission."

We look forward to reading your application!

Apply Here!

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