Academic Support Services

At Muhlenberg College, every endeavor is made to support a student’s effort to successfully navigate the rigors of higher education.

The Academic Resource Center is a department that offers this support to all students through the peer tutoring program, study skills workshops, content workshops, and individual academic assistance.

Preprofessional Advising faculty and staff counsel all students interested in health professions careers. These careers may include doctoral or master level degrees. The college years are for exploring a variety of career options so that students choose a “best fit” upon leaving Muhlenberg. Through guidance, shadowing and internship opportunities, self-assessment and workshops, these professionals encourage students to investigate their future.

The Office of Disability Services at Muhlenberg College is committed to ensuring access and nondiscrimination to all programs and services for qualified students with disabilities while maintaining the standards and integrity of the mission of the College. The Office of Disability Services is committed to working with identified students, staff, and faculty, in developing and implementing the most appropriate strategies for a successful learning experience. Understanding that an informed college community is better able to address the multiple issues related to disabilities, the Office of Disability Services strives to keep all constituencies abreast of the most up-to-date information regarding related laws and regulations and the means to achieve compliance and beyond.

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Dean of Academic Life

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