For decades, a Muhlenberg education has meant excellent preparation for the challenges of admission to and success in medical school. Exposure to a fine liberal arts curriculum coupled with a strong background in the natural sciences equips prehealth students with the solid foundation needed to find their place in the world.

The Office of Health Professions works with faculty advisors to build customized academic plans that address the specific goals of students pursuing a career in health and medicine. We work to advance the quality of the undergraduate preprofessional student’s lifelong learning process. Through self-assessment workshops, research opportunities, experiential learning, competency development and extensive preparation for the professional school application process, prehealth students are challenged to discover and define their individual career goals.


Explore the many options available to Muhlenberg students interested in medical and health careers.

Shankweiler Scholars

Honors Programs

Muhlenberg's newest honors program is designed for highly motivated undergraduates who are preparing to pursue a medical degree after graduation and a life of serving humanity through clinical practice and/or research.


  • Of Life and Death

    A course on Tibetan Buddhism gave Monica Arora ’15 a new perspective on humanity in medicine.

  • A Breadth of Experience

    Kyle Coupe ’11 draws from Muhlenberg research opportunities and campus activities to bring a human perspective to his career in medicine.

  • More Than Medicine

    As he trains to be a vascular surgeon, Besher Tolaymat ’15 finds himself applying many skills he learned as a chemistry and music double major at Muhlenberg.

  • A Picture of Health

    Muhlenberg student Olivia Toner '20 spent her summer in Lehigh Valley Health Network's Oncology Lab, where she worked alongside health professionals to map treatment strategies and record patient outcomes.