Changing the password on your College owned device

Changing your password via OneLogin (Application Portal) will reset your network password (LDAP).  Many faculty and staff use the same password to log on to their College owned device. The following documentation walks you through changing your local password on Windows and MAC OS. 

Changing your Windows password

  1. While on your desktop - Ctrl-Alt-Delete
  2. A list will appear > Select  Change a Password
  3. Click on the Red M Windows computer image above your username

    Windows Screen

  4. The Change your Windows password screen will appear

    Windows Screen

  5. Verify that your Windows username is displayed in the first box
  6. Enter your old Windows password
  7. Enter your new password
  8. Confirm your new password
  9. Successful message will appear

    Windows Screen



Changing your MAC password (view the screen capture)

  1. In dock bar click System Preferences

    Mac screen 0

  2. Click Users and Groups

    Mac screen 1

  3. Click the Lock, type current password to unlock, then click Change Password.

    Mac Screen 2

  4. Type Old password then New password then Verify->Change Password.

    Mac Screen 3