2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication is required for off campus access to the Application Portal. This applies to all faculty, staff and students.  This means that any application in the portal - G Suite, Workday, Canvas, etc - will require the second factor. 2-Factor Authentication helps protect your Muhlenberg accounts in one fell swoop. 

Also known as Multi-factor or Dual Factor Authentication, this technology requests a second form of verification when logging into an account. Already widely available on systems ranging from Gmail to Amazon to Dropbox to financial institutions, it works fairly simply, but is incredibly powerful.

The key part is that the phone or hardware token is likely to be in your physical possession. Someone else might have your password (via a successful phishing scam, for instance), but they won’t likely have your phone, too, or that hardware token. Obviously, if you get an alert when you haven’t been trying to log in, go right away and change your password, too. But it’s good to know that an unauthorized user can’t get in without that second factor.

Want to learn more about 2-Factor Authentication? Check out the FAQ page.