Registration for Incoming First Year Students

Registration for incoming first year students in the Class of 2026 will take place in Workday. Registration is open for all students on Wednesday, June 22nd at noon.

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Important Registration Information

  • The typical enrollment per semester is 4 units. First year students in their first semester may register a maximum of 4.5 units.
  • All students must register for a First Year Seminar course (FYS), in either the Fall or Spring semester.
    • Students taking a Fall seminar will register for the FYS and at least 3 other courses
    • Students taking a Spring seminar will register 4 courses for the Fall and the FYS for the Spring semester.
      • Registration for Spring First Year Seminars will take place at the same time as Fall semester registration.
      • Registration for the remaining spring courses will take place when the class of 2026 registers for Spring on Thursday, November 17th.
    • If you are a member of one of the following programs, be sure to register for the FYS designated for your program
      • Dana Scholars (DNA 123 or DNA 124)
      • Emerging Leaders (FYS 111 or FYS 121)
      • Muhlenberg Scholars (MBS 104)
      • RJ Fellows (RJF 111)
    • Changes to FYS registration may only be made through Monday, August 1st as your enrollment in this course determines your Academic Advisor.
  • All students must register for PPD 050 Foundations of Student Success. This 0 unit course will not count against your 4.5 unit limit.
  • Changes to all registered courses, with the exception of the FYS, may be made through the end of the Add/Drop period on Friday, September 2nd.


After Registration 

  • If you are waitlisted for any of your courses:
    • Register for backup courses to bring you up to at least 4 units, there is no guarantee that you will receive a seat in the waitlisted course.
    • Be sure to monitor your Muhlenberg email address as notifications about available seats will be delivered to that email address. Students have 24 hours to respond to any waitlist seat available, and then the seat is offered to another student.
    • If you no longer want a seat in a course you are waitlisted for, please drop yourself from the waitlist as a courtesy to other students who want seats.