Registration Instructions

What courses can I take?
Plan right now to meet with your faculty advisor(s) to select potential courses.  As you speak with them, choose alternative courses to use if your first choices are unavailable.

How many courses can I take?
The typical Muhlenberg student enrolls for 4 units per semester.  After you have successfully completed your first semester, though, you may enroll for up to 5.5 units.  During the initial class-year registration period, you will be able to register for up to 4.5 units.  Once Open Registration begins, you may add additional coursework, if you wish. 

You must enroll for at least 3 units to be considered a full-time student. Students planning to enroll for fewer than 3 units should contact the Office of the Registrar immediately at  Please note that most Financial Aid awards are closely tied to your status as a full-time student.

Where do I register?
Via Workday anywhere you can access the web. During office hours, you may come to the Registrar's Office on the ground floor of Haas for assistance.

When can I register?
As soon as your registration window is open. During initial class-year registration, the window opens at 8:30 a.m. During Open Registration, you can access your record any time, day or night, through the end of the next term's add/drop period.

You will not be permitted to register if you have an outstanding obligation, whether financial (tuition balances, parking or library fines, equipment, simplex or fire safety violation bills) or otherwise to the College.  All outstanding holds must be resolved with the appropriate College office (e.g. Athletics, Business Office, Dean of Students, Library, Residential Services, Registrar's Office) prior to registration.

What if I’m not seeking a degree?
Registration for non-degree seeking students begins at Open Registration.  The Senior Scholars program has been suspended for the time being.

What if I am requesting an overload?
Overload requests (over 5.5 units) are made to the Dean of Academic Life.  You must complete an Overload Request form (available in the Office of the Registrar).

What if I can’t register at my assigned time?
Your opportunity to register begins when your class-year window opens and ends on the last day of add/drop at the beginning of the term. If a course section has room and you have fulfilled all prerequisites (e.g., a previous course, instructor consent, a limitation to certain majors), you may add courses without additional approval. You may also drop a course without faculty approval, though you should discuss these changes with your academic advisor. 

If you are unable to register exactly at your assigned time, just do it as soon as you can.  If you are not able to register for all of your desired courses right away, that is okay.  Register for what you can and come back later to add and or drop courses.  

If you can’t be here because you are studying away from campus, you can still register online.  You will need to contact your advisor for approval and then add your courses via the web.  Contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions and/or problems.

How do I change my schedule once I’ve already registered?
You can change your schedule using online registration in Workday any time after you register until the Add/Drop period ends.  For additional information on how to add, drop or swap courses in Workday, please view the Registration Help Guide.


Remember to check for Registration Holds before you attempt to register!

Time Schedule



Class of 2023

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Wed., November 9

8:30 am

Fri., November 11

8:30 am

Tues., November 15

8:30 am

Thurs., November 17

8:30 am

The Dean of Academic Life assigns each first-year student an initial faculty advisor in August.  These advisors are typically the instructor of the First-Year Seminar. When the student declares a major field of study, the department chair or program director will assign an advisor from within the department/program.  The student may also request a particular professor to be a formal advisor.  This request may be granted as long as both the requested professor and the department chair/program director agree to such an arrangement.  Department chairs, program directors, and the Registrar oversee the reassignment of advisees when faculty go on sabbatical or leave the College.