Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

All incoming first-year students are required to complete an Online Language Questionnaire and take an Online Second Language Placement Exam.

We urge you to fill out the Questionnaire and take the Placement Exam by the date established by the Registrar. If you did not take a language in high school or took a language that is not represented on our Placement Exams, you still need to fill out the Language Placement Questionnaire. On the Questionnaire, there will be an opportunity to list this particular information, which we will need for our records.  

Muhlenberg College offers Placement Exams in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Spanish. 

You may complete the Questionnaire and Placement Exam on the Muhlenberg website or call 484-664-3340 between 8:45 a.m. & 2:30 p.m.