Philosophy / Political Thought

This interdisciplinary major focuses on American and Western European political philosophy, integrating appropriate political science and philosophy courses to permit a comprehensive examination of the Western state and its functions, justifications, and ideological foundations. Political theory courses are complemented by philosophy courses that examine the basic assumptions that underlie the concept of the state and society in Western history. The major is recommended to pre-law students and students interested in graduate study in this area. Students in this major may not take any courses in philosophy or political science on a pass/fail basis. To continue as a major the student must maintain a 2.000 grade point average in all courses attempted in the program. Majors may satisfy the writing intensive course requirement for the major in philosophy or political science.

Philosophy/Political Thought Major Checklist

Major Requirements

One course chosen from the following:
    PHL 102 Theories of Human Nature
    PHL 105 Conduct & Character
    PHL 106 Individual & Society
    PSC 201 Political Ideologies

Political Science Courses:
Choose two:
     PSC 260 or 261 American Political Thought
     PSC 262 Utopia & Its Critics
     PSC 264 Politics & Public Space
     PSC 348 or 349 Democratic Theory
     PSC 356 or 357 War & Justice
One additional political science course selected in consultation with the faculty advisor
from such courses as:
     Physical Education / 231
     PSC 205 Constitutional Law I
     PSC 216 Environmental Politics & Policymaking
     PSC 339 or 340 Theories of International Relations

Philosophy Courses:
     PHL 242 Law & Morality
Choose two:
     PHL 221 Ancient Philosophy
     PHL 239 Political Philosophy
     PHL 333 or 334 Ethics
One additional philosophy course selected in consultation with the faculty advisor from such courses as:
     PHL 245 Business Ethics
     PHL 246 Environmental Philosophy PHL
     251 Philosophies of China

Seminar: either PHL 500-549 CUE: Seminar or PSC 450 CUE: Modernity & Its Discontents