Development and Scholarship FAQ's: Applying for the Class of 1932 Research Professorship

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The Class of ‘32 Research Professorship provides time for a faculty member to pursue their established research or other creative work.

Due Date

Applications for the Class of ’32 are due in the fall semester, typically the 3rd Friday of October of the preceding academic year. Faculty members should anticipate information about the exact date through an email sent out at the start of the academic year.


To be eligible, an applicant must be a full-time Muhlenberg faculty member who has:

  1. Tenure
  2. Taught at Muhlenberg for at least three years
  3. Agreed to return to Muhlenberg for one full year of teaching following the year of the Professorship
  4. Been teaching Muhlenberg Courses (and not on another kind of leave) during the academic year before the Fellowship.

Application Process

An application for the Professorship should be submitted electronically to the current chair of the Faculty Development and Scholarship Committee (FDSC). Please assemble all your materials into a single pdf file with the file name format “your last name_Class of 32”.

An application must include:

  1. A three- to five-page narrative statement describing the proposed project, including evidence that the project is beyond the preliminary stage and plans for making the results known via publication, performance, or exhibition.
  2. A written endorsement from the appropriate department head. If the department head declines to endorse the proposal, he or she must provide a written statement specifying the reasons for this refusal.
  3. At least one letter of recommendation from a scholar in the field (outside of Muhlenberg) discussing the merits of the project. This letter should be sent to the Provost before the application deadline. In the absence of such a letter, FDSC, the Provost, or the President may solicit comments from outside scholars.
  4. An up-to-date curriculum vita.
  5. In addition to the salary, up to $2,000 is available for research materials, research-related travel, and publication expenses. To be eligible, the applicant must submit a budget of anticipated expenses with the proposal. An individual awarded the Professorship is expected to account for these expenses as they are incurred. Alterations in the proposed budget can be made with approval of the Provost. Submit receipts to the Provost’s Office for reimbursement.


The faculty member awarded the Class of ’32 Professorship receives release time at full pay and full benefits for up to one year.


  1. Applications are reviewed by FDSC.
  2. The Committee submits a written recommendation concerning the application to the Provost and the President. This recommendation includes a ranking of proposals in order of merit.
  3. When assessing proposals, consideration is given first to the merits of the proposal. For proposals of similar merit, the following order of priority is followed:
    • Year-long projects when the candidate is ineligible for a sabbatical.
    • Year-long projects when the candidate is eligible for sabbatical (the sabbatical shall be delayed until after the applicant has taught another year at Muhlenberg).
    • Semester-long projects when the candidate is ineligible for a sabbatical.
    • Semester-long projects when the candidate is eligible for sabbatical leave (with the sabbatical delayed until after the applicant has taught another year at Muhlenberg).
    • Semester-long projects to accompany a one-semester sabbatical during the same academic year.
  4. After reviewing the proposals and the Committee recommendation, the President and Provost discuss these matters with the Committee if necessary.
  5. The President makes the final determination.


  1. The recipient of the award is announced at Honors Convocation in the spring semester preceding the year of the Professorship.
  2. The name of the recipient is listed in the College Catalog as the Class of ‘32 Research Professor for the academic year.


The Professor presents a summary of the work accomplished at an occasion hosted by the Provost in the fall semester following the year of the Professorship. A written report is submitted to the Provost no later than the date scheduled for this occasion. This report is shared with the President and FDSC.


    Address Muhlenberg College Office of the Provost College Center, 3rd Floor 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104