MTA Studio Productions, Fall 2021 (icons: a dandelion blowing, a Mardi Gras-style mask, a jack-o-lantern, and a podium)Muhlenberg Theatre Association's

Fall 2021 Studio Productions

Oct. 29-31, 2021
Studio Theatre

written & directed by Clarissa Shirley

Devised Performance, based on the story by Edgar Allan Poe
directed by Bekka Broyles

written & directed by Joey Marcacci

by Don Zolidis
directed by Eden Kaufman

An evening of student-produced theatre, presented by the Muhlenberg Theatre Association. Tickets are free, but must be reserved in advance in order to ensure availability. Showtimes vary, and each production is ticketed separately. Please choose your showtimes carefully! 


Friday, Oct. 29, 7 pm

7:00 — Scared Silly
8:05 — Guest Speaker
8:35 — Masque of the Red Death
9:30 — Dandelions

Saturday, Oct. 30, 7 pm

7:00 — Scared Silly
8:05 — Dandelions
8:50 — Masque of the Red Death
9:45 — Guest Speaker

Sunday, Oct. 31, 1 pm

1:00 — Guest Speaker
1:30 — Masque of the Red Death
2:25 — Scared Silly
3:30 — Dandelions

Sunday, Oct. 31, 7 pm

7:00 — Dandelions
7:45 — Masque of the Red Death
8:40 — Scared Silly
9:45 — Guest Speaker

Free Tickets:

Available online from the links below
or at the box office: 484-664-3333
   Mon-Fri: noon – 6 pm

Scared Silly
Guest Speaker
Masque of the Red Death

Descriptions & Credits:


“I am a ghost. I learn to disappear. And suddenly my story scares people.”

Dandelions revolves around three intertwining storylines, and three complex relationships: a young girl and her kidnapper, a teenager and her bystander, and a woman in an emotionally abusive relationship. This piece features elements of poetry, art, music, and movement. Dandelions highlights the psychological effects of abuse and the cathartic power of art.

This production is not suitable for children.

Playwright & Director: Clarissa Shirley
Stage Manager: Hannah Cohen
Assistant Director & Dramaturg: Oy Adebajo
Costume Designer: Colette Cragin
Scenic Designer: Joe Grisanzio
Lighting & Sound Designer: Simone Dutton

Man: Nate Stratton
Woman: Julianne Lucas
Girl: Marina Rinkunas
Teen: Alex Goldman
Teen: Larissa Dowling


Masque of the Red Death is a devised piece based on the haunting short story by Edgar
Allen Poe. The show centers around a masquerade thrown by an eccentric prince during
a time of plague known as the Red Death. Strange things begin to happen as the story
unfurls and the kaleidoscopic castle is overtaken by fear and phantasm. The audience is
invited to this immersive show to take part in the masque as a participant or observer.

Director: Bekka Broyles
Stage Manager: Libby Slovis
Assistant Director: Hannah Verdun
Costume Designer: Alena Craig
Scenic Designer: Sophia Pettine
Lighting Designer: Nico Bittker
Sound Designer: Tryston Morgan

Sam Roter
Madeline Olexy
Maddie Ciliento
Justin Walker
Amanda Berkson
Meghan McGorry
Josh Meyers
Sandy McClerny


Guest Speaker is a ten-minute play about a middle school teacher who invites a guest
speaker to visit his class.

Director & Playwright: Joey Marcacci
Stage Manager: Reanna Schober
Costume Designer: Lottie Alexander
Scenic Designer: Sophia Pettine
Lighting Designer: Sarah Wedeking
Sound Designer: Tryston Morgan

Anthony: Desmond Reifsnyder
Angel: Piper Ackerman
Student: Nicole Watkinson


Scared Silly is a Halloween comedy—but it is not just one show. It is four ten-minute plays performed back-to-back in a chaotic stream of stories. What are these stories? A few ghosts sitting in the waiting room of a ghost placement agency hoping to get assigned a new place they can haunt. A slasher-movie lover trying to find a dangerous killer among their friends with time running out. A person who takes Halloween way too seriously encountering a teenager who just wants some candy. And, lastly, aliens turning cafeteria corn dogs into mind control devices, and a couple of students attempting to stop them.

Director: Eden Kaufman
Stage Manager: Ellie Roberts
Costume Designer: Maxine Stone
Scenic Designer: Johnny Veglia
Lighting Designer: Susa List

Evelyn Carlin
Sam McGuire
Jordan Greenbaum
Kira Safier
Anne Marie Alsobrook
Arden McHugh
Natalie McElhinny
Isabelle Peters
Nicholas Pierron
Aidan White