Berg Bites Program

The Berg Bites program invites you to be an after-event guest, when a catered event is over and food is available. By opting-in, you will receive push notifications informing you where to go on campus for free food. Food will be available for a limited time and is first come, first served. 

The Berg Bites program is part of the College's ongoing efforts to address food insecurity on campus and will also aid in our sustainability efforts by reducing food waste.


How do I receive Berg Bites Notifications?
Sign up through the iMuhlenberg app.  Instructions are found here.


Need to send out a notification?
The iMuhlenberg App is the means of communication by the event sponsor, or designee to students interested in Berg Bites.  

Before your event please communicate within your department or organization to verify whether or not a Berg Bites notification account already exists.  Obtain the login credentials for that account, and review with your peers regarding sending the notification.  Note:  one Berg Bites notification account login per department or organization will be shared among department or organization members.  

There are two steps involved prior to sending a Berg Bite notification for the first time:

  1. iMuhlenberg Training:

    Peer/cross-training: A new user may be trained by another Muhlenberg campus member that already holds a Berg Bite notification account. Or...

    OIT training: training can be done in as little as 30 minutes.  Schedule a training by submitting a request to the Support Desk (  

  2. iMuhlenberg Departmental/Student Organization Account Creation:

    If you are trained by OIT, an account will be created during the training.   

    If you are trained by a Muhlenberg peer within your department or student organization (outside of OIT) you can use the login account created for that department or student organization. 

  3. If you need additional assistance on how to send the notification, feel free to contact the Support Desk (

Interested in sending out notifications for other subject matters outside of Berg Bites?  Contact the Office of Communications for more information. 

How is the Berg Bites Group notified when a meeting has concluded?
We are encouraging those event sponsors who host a lot of catering events to join the Berg Bites group so they can notify students when the event is over. After registering as a department or student organization, and a brief training on iMuhlenberg.

Food will remain available for 10 minutes after the scheduled meeting conclusion time.  A notification should go out to iMuhlenberg Berg Bites group 10 minutes before the scheduled end time of the event. This will allow time for students to get to the destination and still allow catering and housekeeping to clear the room and reset prior to the next event scheduled in the room. 

Are there limitations in terms of what types of events, where and/or when the program is implemented? 
Berg Bites is intended to be implemented with those events hosting buffet style service for meals and receptions.  

Berg Bites participation of a catered event is at the discretion of the event sponsor, or their designee.

For example, when we serve dinner at the President’s House, the President would probably not opt to have community members come to the home for the leftover food and could simply decide not to send a message. Or, if there isn’t much left from an event, the event organizer would simply not send a message to the group.

What should the push notification include? 

Message: Food is available from our event!
Date:  The current date of the event.
Time:  The time should be a window of 10 minutes and should not exceed the scheduled conclusion time of your event by more than 10 minutes
Location: Please list the building and room number/name, such as Seegers 110

Logo for mule meals program
Mule Meals is a new program in which students are able to donate a swipe to other students in need. Students will have the opportunity to swipe a donation to their peers at one of our Mule Meals Drives throughout the semester.
  • How do I get access to Mule Meals?
    • Mule Meals is run through the Dean of Students Office in conjunction with Muhlenberg Dining. By contacting and working one-on-one with their office, students in need will be able to receive donated swipes. These will be given out on an as-needed basis and will be applied to your ID card to use as regular swipes.  Any Muhlenberg student struggling with food insecurity is eligible to receive swipes even if they already have a meal plan. 
  • Where do my donated swipes go?
    • All donated swipes go to the Deans of Students office into an online database where they will be stripped of any identifying information and handed out accordingly. There is a committee made up of individuals from different departments who determine who is given the swipe. This makes sure that your donated swipes have the biggest impact and are allocated to those who need it the most. The process is anonymous and you will not find out who your swipe was given to.
  • Can I donate more than one swipe?
    • Every student will be able to donate one swipe per academic year.  This is in order to be equitable to the meal plans. With over 2000 students on campus, if all students donate one swipe, we have an opportunity to collect over 2000 meals for those who need them. So make sure to keep an eye out for donation drives and consider donating one of your swipes!
  • What can I do to donate if I don’t have a meal plan? 
    • If you do not have a meal plan, there are other ways you can help students who are struggling with food insecurity.  A simple donation of a non-perishable food item to the MULE cabinet can go a long way.
  • Is the Mule Meals program different from the MULE Cabinet?
    • Yes.  Although both initiatives contribute to helping students who struggle with food insecurity, The Muhlenberg Useful Living Essentials (M.U.L.E.) is a community cabinet that provides non-perishable food items, school supplies, and hygiene products to the student body. All Muhlenberg students are welcome to take items from the cabinet which is located in the lower level of Seegers Union in room 059.


For iMuhlenberg questions, please contact the Support Desk (

For questions about the program, please contact the Dining Services Office at X3488.