The Instructional Technology and Media Services team can be contacted at [email protected] 


Please direct Media Services Requests to the form on our Media Services page or by calling the number below for Media Services.


Media Services: 484-664-3455

Instructional Technology:  484-664-3457 or 484-664-3263


About the ITMS Team:

Tom Sciarrino

Sean C. E. Miller

Tony Dalton

Jeff Yorgey

Dee Snow


Tom Sciarrino - Director, Instructional Technology & Media Services

By way of brief introduction, my name is Tom Sciarrino. I’m your dedicated Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services - and fun fact - this year(11/18/2021) I’ll be celebrating 19 years with Muhlenberg College. I encourage you to pull up a chair (literally or virtually) to participate in what I’ve long found to be one of the most vibrant aspects of the College - our ITMS workshops. These workshops and trainings are aimed at helping you navigate the plethora of tools and services offered here at Muhlenberg College to faculty, staff, and students.

In my role, it’s a privilege to listen and lead in this capacity, as I connect with students, faculty and staff to deliver make-sense media and technology training and solutions aimed at enhancing and complementing the educational experience - all with a persistent eye on the future to keep our community ahead of the curve.

My off-campus life finds me tinkering with gadgets, breaking technology and fixing it and often breaking it again, exploring the open roads on my Harley, hiking with my family and supporting my active daughters across their personal passions for soccer, running, softball, and basketball (to name a few).


Sean C. E. Miller - Instructional Technology Consultant, Manager of Media Services

Wow, that is a lengthy title. In a nutshell, I manage the day to day setup and support of media technology used in teaching, learning, and administration in the classroom and for special events. You might see me running all around campus or hosting the Instructional Technology & Digital Learning Video Update.

I’ve been working as an audio/video professional for 20+ years, with more than half spent at Muhlenberg College. My background ranges from physical installation to classroom design, project planning to teaching technology support.  I have comprehensive knowledge and experience in media making and media technologies, including but not limited to: video production, A/V systems integration, web streaming, video conferencing, and social media.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing guitar in a punk band, performing comedic content on youtube, and producing independent films. I am a husband, father, puppet maker, and Beard and tattoo enthusiast. I can always be convinced to go to lunch instead of going to the gym, and I am always available to talk tech or movies or about the decay of modern society - whatever interests you.


Tony Dalton - Digital Cultures Media Technologist & Adjunct Instructor

Hi there, Anthony Dalton here - but you can call me Tony - and I’m the Digital Cultures Media Technologist and an adjunct instructor here at Muhlenberg College.  (There’s a lot of words there.) I primarily work with the Department of Media and Communication, supporting students, staff, and faculty with media technologies and teaching a few labs and courses.  During the summer and winter months, I work alongside Instructional Design and Media Services in the Office of Information Technology, helping with research, design, implementation, and instruction of varied campus technologies.  While I do have a set of usual responsibilities, my job often calls upon my other passions and interests including digital storytelling, video game preservation, web and graphic design - even woodworking, repurposing, and prop-building. Whether I’m embedded in MediaCom, stationed in the basement of OIT, or out and about on campus, I’m always game for a dose of silliness, a dash of geekiness, and a whole lot of play.


Jeff Yorgey- Media Technician

Hello everyone! I’m Jeff Yorgey and my official title here at Muhlenberg is Media Technician. In so many words, what that means is I help integrate, support, and maintain any presentation media technology in the classrooms and around campus. In addition, I sometimes work closely with faculty and students to create media of all types (video, audio, presentation, etc). As you might imagine, my role here always keeps me on my toes and ready for any of the above mentioned things to happen. You won’t ever see me complain though because my passions are music, video production, and 21st century technology. When I’m not on campus I like to write and record original music, hit the roads of west end Allentown for a run, or watch a new movie.


Dee Snow - Instructional Technology Specialist

Hi! I’m Dee Snow. I came relatively late to the world of technology - back when I taught high school, even our basic gradebook software was intimidating to me! I’ve learned a lot since then, but I’m very familiar with the frustration (and sometimes panic!) that comes when things don’t work as planned. 

As an Instructional Technology Specialist, I’m here to help ensure that technology runs smoothly for both faculty and students. I want to keep everyone updated on current features, capabilities, and accessibility, to support you in your teaching and learning goals. I work with Canvas, Panopto, VoiceThread, Zoom, and more. I enjoy exploring new tools, and trying different ways to use the existing ones. So whether you’ve got a time-sensitive problem with a course, or a vague idea you’d like to talk out for future use, I’m all ears.

Aside from work, I always have a creative writing project to feel guilty about neglecting. I also make short, amateur documentaries about family history, to help my children feel a connection to past generations, and I enjoy time outside with my dog and chickens.

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