Golf Cart Pedagogy: Laura Diorio '20 provides more of the history of Golf Cart Pedagogy in this Muhlenberg College feature.
Laura Diorio '20 provides more of the history of Golf Cart Pedagogy in this Muhlenberg College feature, "The Perfect Vehicle to Connect."
Monday, September 9, 2019 00:00 PM

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Golf Cart Pedagogy - Episode 9 - "Embracing Failure"
Watch the last episode of Golf Cart Pedagogy for 2019!On a cold, rainy December day, we trek around campus with Tim Silvestri, Director of Counseling Services talking failure in an unexpected way.

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GCP Episode 9 "Embracing Failure" 

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"I love GOLF CART PEDAGOGY and can't wait to watch the video later this evening with my bowl of popcorn!  I'm not joking either." - Diana L., Office Manager
"I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I enjoyed the Golf Cart Pedagogy series.  I'm fairly a new employee and appreciate the unique insight and expression of the different employees and departments here. I didn't even know what a pedagogy was until this series!  Thanks again for your efforts and keep up the great work!" - Stacy
"Love this! Great job on the project! I can't wait to see the next episode!!!" Amy Benninger, Digital Marketing Specialist
"I truly love Golf Cart Pedagogy!!  It's informative, creative, and original." Eric Bond, Plant Operations - Maintenance employee and student, Business Administration accelerated program at the School of Continuing Studies. 
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