Webconferencing is a way to connect teams remotely or via the internet in real-time for meetings and guest speakers. With a microphone and web camera, connect with a class of students online, or a guest speaker from a distance can join your class.

Zoom is currently in use at Muhlenberg as a webconferencing platform and option for faculty, staff, or student use. 

We have designed this webpage into sections based on existing user familiarity with webconferencing and Zoom as well as the situation bringing you to our resources.

General Support Information

I'm new to this

It's a new semester

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General Support Information

Zoom is accessed through the application portal via Muhlenberg.edu (the same area where one may access GSuite, Canvas, etc.) if you have a need for any Zoom session to exceed 40 minutes.

Zoom works optimally with a webcamera and microphone, so make sure the room and/or your devices has both in advance.

You may contact ITMS to find hosting options on campus.

Learn more about equipment options for a Zoom session (if needed) via the Media Services form [form for faculty/staff only; requires log-in to access form]. 

We also have Zoom security recommendations for you to review before getting started as well as a refresher at any time.

For those interested in using other tools within Canvas, such as Kaltura CaptureSpace, VoiceThread, etc.,  please note that our new website will ultimately include areas for the Learning Management System, Collaboration Tools, WebConferencing, and Media Services, so that each set of tools will have its own webpage accessible through the main ITMS website.

I'm new to this

Keep in mind the suggestions under "General Support Information" when it comes to Zoom sessions here at Muhlenberg. Webconferencing can be used for classes and for meetings, as well as for connecting guest speakers from a distance.

This ITMS worksheet explains how to access and set-up Zoom sessions.

Best practices include making sure sessions are scheduled where a microphone and camera are available, and any Media Services requests are made in advance, mindful of the rules and the form both provided in the Media Services webpage. 

Explore the Tech Tuesday video Tech Tuesday video showcasing Zoom and its features. This second Tech Tuesday video about Zoom also provides some advantages to using webconferencing for your students as part of weatherproofing your course.

Zoom provides user how-to guides and orientation videos how-to guides and orientation videos for Zoom meeting facilitators and participants.  We also have Zoom security recommendations for you to review before getting started as well as a refresher at any time.

Wanting more information about Zoom breakout rooms? Zoom has this breakout room documentation available as reference.

Need to know more about sharing screens in Zoom? Please refer to this Zoom screen documentation.

It's a new semester

Did you know that it is possible to store any new Zoom recordings you make within our learning management system? This ITMS document goes through the steps to link your Zoom account with your "My Media" Kaltura area within Canvas.

We have additional documentation about bringing videos into My Media, Media Gallery, and into other areas of Canvas (Learning Management System) shells.

I'm stuck/needing help

Check the Zoom how-to guides and orientation videos for meeting facilitators and participants, and contact the team with any questions or requests for Zoom demonstrations.

Have suggestions for additional items for our new WebConferencing website? Please contact the team at itms@muhlenberg.edu with items you will like included or if something you are seeking is not currently present/available.

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