About our Departmentbadge

We have twelve sworn, full-time police officers. The vast majority of our officers have prior law enforcement experience that they bring to our campus community.  In addition, we employ four sworn reserve officers that have the same training as the other Officers within the department.  All Officers receive on-going training in those areas that require quick and appropriate response.  In addition, we have full-time dispatchers who are on duty 24 hours each day. They are also CPR, 1st Aid and AED certified.

Each semester, we hire a number of students who assist in various capacities within the department and on campus.  We also oversee the student-run Emergency Medical Services on campus which consists of over forty students. They are available to provide almost immediate medical attention while in direct contact with off-campus emergency responders.

It is not uncommon to be asked, “How safe is Muhlenberg College?”  Without hesitation, we are able to say that our campus is as safe as any other college or university in the country and in many ways safer. We say this because of the following:

1. There are over 100 cameras located in common areas around campus and we have the capability of monitoring them as well as recording anything of a suspicious nature that could occur.

2. All residence halls are locked 24 hours each day.

3. All dormitory rooms are equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler heads.

4. There are many emergency telephones strategically located around campus, with blue lights on the top so that they can be seen during the hours of darkness.

5. We offer a free text messaging system called  E2 campus which is used to send text messages during any emergency that could occur on campus. Prior to a message being sent, Campus Safety activates a carillon system which can be heard throughout the campus and adjacent streets, which alerts the campus community that a text message is forthcoming.

6. A pop-up desktop warning with an audible alert tone can be sent to over 200 college-owned desktop computers, providing a message during on-campus emergencies.

7. We have a very good working relationship with the Allentown Police Department who can respond quickly to campus if there is a need for assistance.

8. The Allentown Police Department has installed 7 cameras on the outskirts of the campus which are able to monitor activities of concern that could affect the campus community.

9. We provide free self defense classes for both men and women.

10. Our Officers offer escort service during the hours of darkness.