Campus Security Authority


What is a Campus Security Authority (CSA)?

Campus Security Authorities (CSA’s) are those individuals designated by Muhlenberg College as holding positions related to campus safety, and those who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities. Due to the unique relationships that tend to exist between Muhlenberg College faculty, staff, and students, the College has determined that all College employees, with the exception of those listed as “confidential employees”, are designated as CSA’s and thus must report all Clery Act/VAWA offenses listed at the end of this document.

Confidential Employees:

The following employees are specifically exempted from the reporting requirements of the Clery Act and are considered to be CSA’s; therefore, they are not required to report information reported to them:

  • Chaplains
  • Professional Counselors

This broad definition of who is considered to be a CSA is significant – it recognizes that, often times, the first person a survivor or witness of crime discloses to is someone that he or she knows well and trusts. The response of the first person receiving this disclosure may determine whether or not someone feels supported and impacts the decisions he or she may make moving forward. 

The responsibility of a CSA is to document and report to the Department of Campus Safety any allegations of crimes that are reported to the CSA or crimes witnessed by a CSA.  

The criminal offenses that CSA’s are required to disclose are:

  1. Murder/non-negligent manslaughter, and negligent manslaughter
  2. Sex offenses (rape/sodomy/sexual assault w/object/fondling and non-forcible incest and statutory rape)
  3. Robbery
  4. Aggravated assault
  5. Burglary
  6. Motor vehicle theft
  7. Arson
  8. Hate crimes (any crime motivated by bias)
  9. Domestic violence and dating violence
  10. Stalking
  11. Liquor law violations, drug violations and/or illegal weapons possession.

The College is required to disclose offenses that occur on campus, in residence facilities, in non-campus property, and on certain public property. To report a crime, contact Campus Safety at 484-664-3110 or call 911 in the case of an emergency.

CSA’s are to report online at and are strongly encouraged to call Campus Safety as well.

As a CSA, you serve a very important role to our campus community.  You are here to help others, including your fellow students, faculty and staff.  When a victim or survivor of a crime reports that crime to you, you become a first responder. The fact that they have chosen to share their story with you suggests that the person places their trust in you. Victims and survivors of criminal activity deserve compassion.  They should be provided with clear information about resources and fully understand their options moving forward.  As a CSA, you have the responsibility to help any reporting individual with their reporting options.

Watch the short CSA Video here