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Reason for Using Emergency Phones
What is Supsicious Activity?
Locations of Emergency Phones
Reason for Using Campus PHones
Location of Campus Phones

Muhlenberg College has installed several emergency and campus phones in and around the campus. Also, located in some of the academic buildings around campus are a few “courtesy phones” for use to call on campus. Emergency Phones will give you direct contact with the Campus Safety Office. The phones are bright yellow with a blue colored light above them and have an “emergency button” or “help” that will dial Campus Safety when it is pushed.

To use the emergency phone press in the red button and it will automatically dial the Campus Safety dispatcher.


  •         - EMERGENCY
  •         - ESCORT
  •         - VANDALISM
  •         - CRIMINAL ACTS


Suspicious activity is anything even slightly out of the ordinary for the area or time of day in which it occurs. Some of the most obvious things to watch for and report are:

  •       - Stranger’s entering your neighbor’s room.
  •       - Strangers trying doors to see if they are locked.
  •       - The sound of breaking glass or other loud noises.
  •       - Persons carrying bolt cutters and tools – especially near bicycles.
  •       - Persons running – especially if carrying something valuable. (They could be leaving the scene of a crime).
  •       - People wearing bulky clothing or attire not consistent with the weather conditions, for example, heavy clothing or coats on a hot day.

In addition to the emergency ophones, Muhlenberg College has installed some emergency phones with key pads. These phone allow individuals to dial a direct contact with the residents of the building by pressing the black “call” button and dialing the desired campus extension. Press the red button, marked “emergency” and/or “help” and you will have contact with the Campus Police Office. These phones are near some of the entrance doors to the residence halls and/or mile houses. The map on the following page will provide you with information concerning the locations of the emergency and campus phones around campus.



Campus Phones will give you contact with the residents of a building by pressing the black “call” button and dialing the last four digits of the campus phone number. Press the red button “emergency” to contact the Campus Police directly. These phones are near the entrance doors to the residence halls or MILE houses.


2145 Chew Street

2201 Chew Street Elevator

2201 Chew Street North Entrance

2202 Gordon Street Front Door

2206-2208 Chew Street

2208 Chew Street Front Door

2216 Liberty Street Front Door

2228 Gordon Street Front Door

2241 Liberty Street Parking Lot

2241-2243 Liberty Street Front Door

2302 Chew Street

2343 Liberty Street Front Door

23rd and Gordon St Parking Lot

2442 Tilghman Street Parking Lot

26th and Chew St Parking Lot

26th and Liberty St

318 Albright Street Front Door

319 N. 22nd Street Front Door

415-419 Leh Street Rear Lot

423 N. 23rd Street Front Door

428 Albright Street Front Door

All Classroom spaces within Academic Buildings

Alpha Chi Omega House Rear Door

Benfer Hall Front Entrance

Brown Hall East Door

Center For Arts Elevator

Center for the Arts Parking Lot

Chapel Front Entrance Lobby

Chew Street (Trexler Library Crosswalk)

College Center Elevator

Delta Zeta House Front Door

East Hall Archway

Ettinger Computer Lab

Ettinger Elevator

Ettinger/Moyer Walkway

Faculty and Staff Parking Lot – Rear Trumbower

Faculty and Staff Parking Lot – Near Football Stadium South Entrance

Football Field Northeast Gate

Football Field Southwest Gate

Fraternity Drive between Sigma Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Tau

Kathryn Taylor Hall East Door

Kathryn Taylor Hall Elevator

Keck House Front Door

Liberty & Berks Streets Parking Lot

Life Sports Center East Corridor

Life Sports Center Elevator

Life Sports Center Pool

Martin Luther Hall Elevator

Martin Luther Hall Parking Lot

Martin Luther North and South Doors

Moyer Hall Elevator

New Science Building Elevators

Parent Plaza

Phi Kappa Tau Front Door

Phi Sigma Sigma House Side Door

Prosser Drive

Prosser Front and East Doors

Rear of Phi Mu House - 330 N. 23rd Street

Rear Parking Lot behind Brown and Walz Halls

Rehearsal House Elevator

Rehearsal House North Door

Rehearsal House Roof

Robertson Hall 3rd Floor Entrance

Robertson Hall Elevator

Robertson Hall Ground Floor Entrance

Seegers Union Elevators

Seegers Union Lower Level by Student Activities

Seegers Union North Tower Entrance

Shankweiler Elevator

Shankweiler Hallways

South Hall 2nd Floor Entrance

South Hall 3rd Floor Entrance

South Hall Elevator

Tennis Courts Storage Shed

The Village Laundry Room

The Village residential facilities (all upper and lower entrances)

Trexler Library Elevator

Trexler Library Parking Lot

Trexler Pavilion Elevator

Trumbower Elevator

Walson Hall South Door

Walz Hall East Door

Walz Hall Elevator