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Operation identification is a crime prevention system whereby all valuables are permanently marked with an identifying code. It has invariably reduced burglaries and thefts in areas where it is used. Its aim is to deter burglars and (failing that) to help police recover and identify stolen property. The service is free, and easy to obtain. We urge you to take advantage of this service. Feel free to call us at Campus Safety or stop by. The program works as follows:

Electric engravers can be checked out (Muhlenberg I. D. required) from the Campus Police or an officer can come to your residence to mark valuables.

Engrave your social security number or any other identifier (i.e. driver’s license number or phone number) on all easily movable or portable items of value.

List your valuable items, being careful not to overlook anything. Keep a record of articles with brand, model, serial number and value where it is safe and easily found.

Books are becoming expensive and an easy target for a thief. Never leave books unattended and mark several pages with your initials in order to maximize the chance of catching the thief before the books are resold.

To help identify stolen property recovered by Police Departments, the Campus Police keeps a list of students' social security numbers. Thus, recovered property can be matched with a student's name and returned to them.


Campus Safety has available, at no cost, a full range of crime prevention services designed to help you in properly securing your property, and to help reduce your chances of becoming the target of a potential burglary or assault. Please contact the Crime prevention team at Campus Safety. Crime Prevention programs are held for each residential facility at the start of the academic school year and at various times during the school year.


The Department of Campus Safety provides a 24 hours / 7 days a week escort service for any student, faculty or staff member. This is conducted by an Officer who will respond on foot, by bicycle, golf cart, or in a vehicle.  You can call for an escort from any college property, to be taken to a college property. We encourage students to use this service; students should never walk alone at night on campus, and to be aware of emergency phone locations.

This is a free service provided to ensure the safety of individuals of the campus community. The Department of Campus Safety is committed to ensuring the well being of all members of the college community. We advise some general information when using the escort service and are as follows.

  • Call Ext. 3110 or OFF CAMPUS - 484-664-3110.
  • Provide your location and destination.
  • Provided your name and any other information requested by the dispatcher.

** It is noted that escorts are limited to college owned or leased properties on campus. You can call for an escort from any college property to any college property. The department can not provide general transportation services throughout the Lehigh Valley. Escorts may not always be performed in a vehicle.  EMERGENCY CALLS SUPERSEDE ESCORTS; WHEN THAT OCCURS THE ESCORT WILL BE HANDLED AS SOON AS AN OFFICER IS AVAILABLE.  


R.A.D. stands for Rape Aggression Defense System, a system of self-defense for women. The R.A.D. program is a comprehensive course for women, which includes awareness, prevention, and hands-on defense training. A certified RAD instructor teaches the course. Please contact Campus Safety for more information.

R.A.D. is the nation’s largest self-defense course for women only. R.A.D. is taught at over 300 colleges and universities, private, municipal, state and federal agencies by more that 1300 instructors.

The R.A.D. approach to personal safety education embodies a practical blend of threat avoidance strategies and real-world assault resistance tactics for women. The focus of the R.A.D. course of instruction is on the development of easily mastered personal safety skills which can be safely practiced within a comfortable learning environment, and the coupling of those physical skills with a threat assessment process which will increase physical safety awareness. The overall goal is to reduce victimization through informed decision making and sensible action.

R.A.D. is a 12-hour course that is taught for three hours a night. Instructors are willing to try to work around your schedule, making it easier for you to attend.

Students learn safety tips, definitions of terms such as rape, sexual assault, stalking, date-rape, impaired consent and EASY, NATURAL, SIMPLE self-defense movements to name a few.

Statistically most women have never been in a physical confrontation before. R.A.D. puts them in one so that should they ever become a victim they will have responses and plans of action ready; instead of trying to improvise on the spot, (while fighting off the incredible amounts of fear and stress that they are also feeling.)

Resisting Aggression with Defense was developed by R.A.D. Systems in 2001. This course also has its foundations in education and awareness. The course includes lecture, discussion and self defense techniques, suitable for men of all ages and abilities. It is a twelve hour course taught for three hours a night. Men will be asked to raise their awareness of aggressive behavior, to recognize how aggressive behavior impacts their lives, step to avoid aggressive behavior and to look at how they can be a part of reducing aggression and violence. The program also provides participants with realistic for men when forced into physical confrontation. Instructors are willing to try to work around your schedule, making it easier for you to attend.

R.A.D. IS TOTALLY FREE for both the women's and men's program! All manuals are supplied, along with gear for the simulation night.

With your R.A.D. manual you also get a FREE LIFETIME RETURN PRACTICE POLICY! Go anywhere in the country where R.A.D. is taught with your manual and you can join a class and practice for free.


Campus Safety also takes after hours' maintenance calls for Plant Operations. We also handle after hours' calls for the Health Center and the Counseling Center; we can put you in contact with a health professional or a counselor.