Computer and Software Purchases

HP and Lenovo business laptops are commonly available via a number of retailers as well as via their respective websites. Dell computers are also available at special academic prices. Visit  [Member ID:BS27825200]. Visit the Apple Education store for student discounts.

Note: Microsoft Office will be available for free for all students via a Muhlenberg self-service portal. You must have access to your college email. Access the Microsoft portal to learn more

Many other software packages are available at discounted prices to students. Please go to for a full catalog of options. Proof of academic eligibility is required.

Choose a four year warranty, and include coverage for accidental damage.

Know how and where to get the computer serviced if something fails. It is a good idea to keep a copy of the warranty information and the computer manufacturer's tech support number with the computer.

Got questions? Contact the Student Help Desk.