As Resident Advisors (RAs), we know the best way to promote success for our peers is by modeling the way. Through our Residential Curriculum, RAs take on a number of key roles in supporting our students. From advocating for inclusive communities to providing a thriving academic environment within our halls, our RAs are empowered to serve their residents. 


This is a significant responsibility. Therefore our new RAs must meet the following qualifications not only to care for others but also thrive themselves.

  • Be a current full-time student at Muhlenberg College.
  • Be at least 18 years old by the start of employment as an RA.
  • Must have sophomore student status by position start date.
  • Engage in selection and recruitment processes while demonstrating a sense of care for others. 
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA and cumulative GPA.
  • Our RAs must model behavior in line with our student conduct policy by being in good disciplinary standing with the College. 
  • RAs cannot commit to more than 10 hours of outside commitments per week. These are research assistantships, internships, extracurricular involvement, practicum experiences, paid employment, etc. This rule ensures we can support our RA work-life balance and time management in their role. 
  • RAs must fully participate in training when those dates are finalized unless otherwise excused.

Applicants can view a complete job description in the 2023-2024 RA Job Description

 Benefits & Compensation

The job of an RA can be very rewarding, but we know it's a large time commitment and can be challenging to balance with campus life.  As a result, we offer the following compensations for staff members:

  • RAs who serve in a traditional residence hall will receive the following:
    • $3,892.50 per semester, distributed over three paychecks or tuition credit.
    • Free Parking Pass
    • RAs are also assigned but are only charged the standard room rate for this housing. If an RA has roommates, this rate reduction only applies to the RA, not roommates.
  • RAs who serve in the MILE Village/Neighborhood will receive the following:
    • $2,365.00 per semester**, distributed over three paychecks or tuition credit
    • Free Parking Pass
    • MILE RAs are also assigned to a single room in an apartment but are only charged the double MILE room rate for this housing. This rate reduction only applies to the MILE RA and not their roommates.

**MILE RAs do not participate in duty rounds or on-call responsibilities like RAs in traditional halls. Therefore, the stipend for MILE RAs is less than that of traditional hall RAs to reflect the difference in job responsibilities.** 

 Candidate Timeline

Our Housing and Residence Life (HRL) family always seeks strong leaders to join our team. We’re looking for candidates who are passionate about the role and have strong critical thinking skills but who can also succeed personally while taking on these responsibilities. For us to learn about our candidates and for candidates to learn more about their role, we have created an experience that provides a hands-on experience for our candidates. Applicants will have access to a Candidate Resource Guide to help walk them through the process. You can find this guide at the bottom of this webpage. 

Applications typically include a ten-minute informational survey, three short answer questions, and a resume submission. RA candidates can return to their application after submitting it.  Applicants will be able to edit their submissions up until January 20, 2023, by 5 pm. We encourage applicants to schedule appointments with Muhlenberg’s Career Service office to review resumes and interview preparation. You may sign up for an appointment using this link

  • Applications will be available to students starting Monday, November 14, 2022,
  • Applications must be submitted by Friday, January 20, 2023, by 5 pm.
  • Interviews  will take place between February 6, 2023, and February 11, 2023
    • Please note that you will need approximately 90 minutes to complete this interview.
  • Offer letters will go out to candidates no later than March 9th, 2023
    • RAs with roommates must fill out the Roommate Application (given as part of the offer letter)
  • Offer letter decisions must be returned to HRL no later than March 21st by 5 pm
    • RAs with roommates must complete their roommate application form by March 21, 2023, by 5 pm. 

 All candidates must complete the following to be considered for the role: 

    • 10-minute informational survey
    • Two short answer questions
    • Resume submission
    • Acknowledgment Statements
  • A  90-minute interview with the Housing and Residence Life staff members 
    • 30-minute individual interview with a professional staff member and current Hall Director
    • Two group interviews, each lasting between 20 and 30 minutes.  Additionally, Candidates can review the 2023-2024 Resident Advisor Application Resource Guide for helpful tips on completing their application. 

 Info Sessions 

New RA candidates are asked to attend one of the following Information Sessions. These sessions, while not mandatory,  are created to inform our candidates more about the RA role and application process. Information sessions are designed for candidates to meet our team, ask questions, and learn tips to support our candidates through the process.  

  • Info Session 1 - Monday, November 21 @ 7 pm in Seegers Union 113
  • Info Session 2 - Thursday, December 1 @ 6 pm in Seegers Union 108-109
  • Info Session 3 - Wednesday, January 18 @ 1:30 pm in Seegers 108-109
  • Info Session 4 - Thursday, January 19  @ 7:30 pm in Seegers 108-109


 2023-2024 Resident Advisor Application Resource Guide