Relationships are critical in engagement with social justice work.  The Multicultural Center and OML seek to build relationship in formalized way through its Multicultural Liaison program.  In the past, we have selected a Multicultural Life intern to serve as a bridge between student white organization and the wider constituencies of Muhlenberg’s community.  While the majority of Muhlenberg’s organizations are open to all community members, the nature of privilege and oppression may cause organizations to be inaccessible to certain community members. 

The liaison’s role is to serve as an advocate to and representative of marginalized and/or underrepresented students and their interests within these organizations.  Multicultural liaisons serve an important function to the college by connecting organizations to all their constituents and by facilitating open communication and dialogue between groups and their membership.  Liaisons are responsible for touching base with their constituencies, reporting out on efforts including events and programming, and connecting community members with group leadership.  Liaisons will build valuable skills in cross-cultural communication and mediation as well as gain leadership experience.  If you are interested in serving as a Multicultural Liaison, please fill out the Multicultural Liaison Application