Data Analytics Certificate

According to The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the leading research company in data analytics, by the year 2018 there will be a shortage of people with analytical expertise in Data Analytics also known as “Big Data”: Organizations of all types are struggling to keep pace with the accelerating growth in data and the need to transform the data into information for decision making. Many organizations lack the personnel with the skills to compete on data based decisions. 

A team of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) from banking, energy, insurance, accounting and healthcare industries, worked with the Wescoe School to design and develop Wescoe's new Data Analytics Certificate curriculum based on the need to compete in a data-driven world. 

Our new blended learning format (combining online digital media with traditional classroom methods) allows students to complete two courses per semester by coming to campus just one night per week, with the remainder of the instruction provided online. The certificate can be completed in one year.

Data Analytics Course Descriptions:
     Descriptive Analytics
     Business Intelligence
     Predictive Analytics
     Data Warehousing and Data Mining
     Data Visualization

Upon completion of the Data Analytics Certificate Program, individuals will have developed the necessary skills to help organizations make sense of the volume of data being generated by internal and internet based systems and then use the information to make informed decisions.

Data Analytic skills are becoming increasingly important in the following areas and applications:  Accounting, Auditing, Research and Development, Marketing, Human Resources, Media & Communications, Medicine, Government, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Sports, Operational Analysis, Stock Market Analysis, Customer Analytics, and General Management.

With the Adult Learner in mind:

* Certificate can be completed in one year.
* Offered during evening hours.
* Competitive rate.

For more information or if you would like to schedule a mini information session with program director, Phil Howe, please fill in the online form or contact us 484-664-3300 or

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