Motor Vehicles on Campus

Admission Visitors
Temporary Visitor Parking Permits
Athletic, Theatre and Special Events Parking
Handicapped Spaces and Permits
Parking Permits and Lot Assignments
Student Parking Permits (Registration link below)
First-year Students Special Permission for Vehicles
Faculty and Staff Parking Permits (Registration link below)
Vehicle Registration Instructions


A. Admission Visitors
Parking for Admission visitors is designated on the Front Drive of Academic row. Access to these parking spaces is off of Chew Street near the Egner Memorial Chapel. Any prospective student and their family visiting campus can obtain parking permit through the Office of Admission either prior to their campus arrival or on the day of their visit. Parking permits must be displayed on the front dash of the vehicle in order to avoid a ticket. In the event a ticket would be issued to your vehicle on the day of your visit and you were in a properly designated parking space, you can return the ticket to the Admission’s Department and the ticket will be returned to Campus Safety for proper disposition.  

B. Temporary Visitor Parking Permits
Any visitor of the College may obtain a temporary vehicle registration through the campus host or department that is being visited. The host can assist in obtaining a parking pass which is issued through the Office of Campus Safety. Temporary passes are valid for the length of the visit.

C. Athletic, Theatre and Special Event Parking
Parking for the various events is located in close proximity to the athletic venue or the special event location. Parking for athletic events be found to the rear of the Academic Buildings; access to this lot is from 26th Street in the area of where Gordon Street enters the campus.

Parking for attendees of theatre and other fine arts productions is available near the Center for the Arts directly behind the Trexler Library. Access to this lot can be gained off of Chew Street east of the Library.

All other special event parking is coordinated with the Department of Campus Safety and the event coordinator. For smaller functions, permits may be issued prior to the event indicating the designated location for parking. These must be displayed on the vehicle front dashboard.  Parking for larger events may be assigned and designated through posted signs or individuals near designated parking on the day of the event.

D. Handicapped Spaces and Permits
Designated with the national handicapped parking sign, these spaces are reserved for use by students, faculty, staff and visitors who qualify, and register with the Office of Campus Safety. Individuals who are authorized to park in these spaces must have their vehicle registered with Campus Safety.

E. Parking Permits and Lot Assignments
Parking permits, numbered and identified by specific color codes, correspond to specific parking areas and are valid only for those locations. Purchase and display of a parking permit is not a guarantee of a specific parking place area at any one time. While campus officer’s patrol regularly, the College cannot assume any responsibility for any vehicle damage, theft or loss of property from a vehicle while parked on College property or on a city street.

In consideration of the College’s neighbors, student, faculty and staff street parking should be confined to the campus side of the street. Parking regulations on city streets are strictly enforced by Allentown Parking Authority. Parking on city streets on the east side of campus is restricted for street sweeping year round. It is suggested that you read the specific parking signs in those areas. Also, Chew Street is a “SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTE;” if a snow emergency is declared ALL vehicles parked on the street must be moved. In the event of snow, shovels may be borrowed through the Department of Campus Safety by providing your student ID card while the shovel is in use.

F. Student Parking Permits
Every student who owns or operates a motor vehicle in Allentown during the year is required to register their vehicle by paying a vehicle registration fee of $65. This fee covers any vehicle per individual student that may require a parking registration throughout the year. Any mode of transportation (i.e. car, scooter, moped, motorcycle,etc) that requires a state license must display a valid parking permit for the current academic year. Vehicles need to be registered within the first week of the fall semester or as soon as the vehicle is brought to campus. NOTE: Failure to register a vehicle within 48 hours of it being brought to campus will result in a $65.00 fine. Failure to display the registration decal as directed will result in a $15.00 fine.

The student permit, designated by color and number, will be issued to all students who register their vehicles regardless of student classification (full-time, part-time, commuter, School of Continuing Studies Student, etc.) and allows parking in student designated parking lots.  First-year students cannot bring a vehicle to campus.

The student designated parking lots are as follows:

  • 26th and Chew Street Parking lot (by Robertson Hall)
  • Parking lot in front of Benfer Hall
  • South side of lot to the rear of the Center for the Arts building
  • Village Upper Parking lot Village lower parking lot
  • Sorority parking lot
  • 23rd and Gordon Street Parking lot
  • Martin Luther Parking lot
  • All lots and driveways connected to or associated with College MILE residential facilities not designated as “No Parking” , with the exception of the lot at Berks and Liberty Streets which is designated as “Faculty/Staff Parking” (See restrictions below)

There are specific lots designated for Faculty, Staff and visitor parking. Vehicles displaying current student decals are permitted to park in these lots only between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and at all times on Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise designated or posted.

The Faculty/Staff designated parking lots are as follows:

  • Trexler Library Parking Lot
  • Prosser Hall Lot
  • CFA Rear (West) Lot - north side facing the Center for the Arts
  • Back Drive Parking Lot – rear of academic row
  • Back Drive Entrance Parking Lot – north side of Brown and Walz Halls
  • 23rd & Gordon Street East side of lot – four rows closest to Leh Street.

Visitors (non-students/non-employee) to the College are permitted to park on the Front Drive in front of the Academic and Administrative buildings. There is no student/faculty/staff parking permitted on the front circle between 7:00 and 5:00 p.m.

Guests of students that bring a vehicle to campus must register that vehicle and park in the assigned lot. Students are responsible for their guest’s actions and are therefore responsible for any tickets issued to their guests whether they are registered or unregistered.

Parking as you will see is a problem on campus due to the limited number of spaces. All parking spaces on campus are marked with white (for student parking) or yellow lines (for employee parking). Parking in areas that are not properly marked as parking spaces is a violation of the Parking Rules and Regulations. Any violation of the parking rules may result in a fine. Please contact Campus Safety or refer to the Student Policy and Resource Guide for more information regarding vehicles on campus. To obtain a complete list of the parking rules and/or register vehicles please contact the Department of Campus Safety.

Students can register their vehicle by utilizing the on-line form available here.

Any student, including first year students (with permission from the Director of Campus Safety) may temporarily register a vehicle for a one week period with the permission of the Office of Campus Safety. Two of these permits are allowed each semester. Temporary registrants must park in the lot on the designated permit. There is a $65 vehicle registration fee for the first vehicle registered, as described above, even if a temporary pass is issued. First year students who require special permission for a year-round permit see Paragraph G.

G. First-year Students Special Permission for Vehicle
First-year students may not have a vehicle on campus unless they have requested and received (in writing) permission from the Dean of Students Office. This permission is reserved for rare and/or extreme circumstances. This permission may be revoked if the student receives four or more tickets (whether paid or unpaid). The vehicle must be removed from Muhlenberg College property and the City of Allentown. If the vehicle is found on campus it will be towed. A written report will be sent to the Dean of Students Office.

  • First-year students bringing a vehicle to the City of Allentown or to campus without special permission will be fined $150.00 for first offense, $225.00 and loss of housing lottery privileges for second offense, and $300.00 for third and subsequent offenses. These fines are in addition to any other fine that may have been accumulated as indicated above.

H. Faculty and Staff Parking Permits
Faculty and staff parking lot assignments are generally allocated in relation to the building where the employee’s major function occurs. The fact that an individual is assigned a space in a certain lot one year does not necessarily guarantee a space in the same lot for the following year. Each registered vehicle will be assigned a window decal when registered with the Department of Campus Safety. Faculty and staff assigned locations are as follows:

  • Back Drive Parking Lot (Rear of Academic Buildings) - Green # 0106-0405
  • Library Lot and North side of CFA West Lot - Blue # 2211-2410
  • Berks & Liberty Street Lot – Brown # 0001-0105
  • 23rd & Gordon Lot (3 rows on the East side of lot) - Yellow # 2411-2575
  • Prosser Lot – Red # 0451-0610

Employees can register their vehicle by utilizing the on-line form here.