Computer Labs and Hours of Operation

Lab Locations

Public Labs

General purpose labs. These labs have limited hours and are open to all members of the Muhlenberg Community.

Ettinger 003

Open 24 hours during the academic year.
Limited hours during breaks & over the summer.
Closed on holidays.

Moyer Atrium 2nd Floor

Classroom Labs
These labs are open to the Muhlenberg Community when not in use as a classroom. They also have limited hours.

  • Ettinger 105
  • Ettinger 211
  • Moyer 309
  • Trumbower 229 (NASA)
  • Walson 115

Residence Hall Labs
These labs are open only to residents of that residence hall. They have 24-hour access, but are closed for holidays or when the college is officially closed.

  • Benfer 100
  • Brown basement
  • East B 3rd floor
  • Martin Luther 4th floor
  • Prosser 2nd floor lounge
  • Robertson 4th floor
  • South Hall 4th floor
  • Taylor basement
  • Walz 2nd floor

Special Purpose Labs
These labs are open to students requiring access to specialized software. They also have limited hours.

  • Center for the Arts 098
  • Ettinger 103 - LC Commons
  • New Science Building - Biology Department
  • Trexler B01 
  • Trexler Library - Curriculum Lab
  • Trumbower - Chemistry Department, Math and Computer Science

Lab hours are subject to change without notice.

Printing on campus

NOTE: Labs in academic buildings are opened for extended hours during final exams. 

Occasionally labs may be reserved for special class meetings. Signs may be posted on lab doors notifying users of these special events.

For assistance, students should utilize the Student Help Desk in Ettinger 007, ext. 3566 (press 1) or by sending e-mail to The Student Help Desk is open seven days a week during the academic year. Refer to signs on the Student Help Desk door for exact hours.

Student Help Desk
Ettinger, Room 007
484-664-3566 (press 1)