Telephone and TV Services

Muhlenberg College Faculty & Staff Telephone

We use Mitel VoIP telephones on campus.

To call on campus, dial the 4 digit extension
To call off campus, Dial 8 to get an outside line, then the number you are calling
    For area codes other than 610 or 484, you must dial 8 then 1 then the number you are calling

Blinking Message Waiting Indicators usually clear when you login and listen to the message.
If not, keep phone handset on the cradle, click the blinking Voicemail button.  Click Read Message on top left key. Then click Erase Msg.

If clicking the Voicemail button calls another extension, not the voicemail system, you may cancel the Call Me Back feature.
Keep phone handset on the cradle, click the Voicemail button.  Then click Cancel Callback on top left key.

For more phone information: Mitel telephone and voicemail user guide

Muhlenberg College Cable TV

All students are provided with Full Basic Cable service on campus. 

Cable will be operative when you arrive on campus.

Muhlenberg College is the “provider” for full basic cable TV service on campus. The vendor is Service Electric Cable TV. To subscribe to PREMIUM CHANNELS such as Pay TV or Pay-Per-View, call Service Electric at 610-865-9100.

QUESTIONS? Call the Office of Information Technology, 484-664-3460

  • Full Basic Cable includes: Network Programs (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, UPN), Sports, (ESPN, ESPN2,  USA Network, Golf Channel, Sports Channel), News (C-Span), Science Travel and Weather, Music (MTV), etc.
  • Muhlenberg originates programming on campus cable TV.
  • Channel 21 carries student-produced programming from MCTV.

To see the Muhlenberg Channel Lineup, visit the following web site: