Diplomas will be issued to students upon completion of their degree or certificate requirements if all requirements are completed, officially documented, and approved by the faculty before October 20, January 20, or the approved date in May, respectively. Students completing their respective requirements in October or January receive their diplomas soon thereafter and are eligible to participate in the symbolic awarding of degrees at the appropriate May commencement.

The diploma shows the student's official or legal name as it appears in the Muhlenberg record, unless changed in writing by the student prior to the final diploma-preparation date. Muhlenberg has only one format for all diplomas, notably that the text is in Latin. (A translation to English appears below.) No optional changes are available.

A replacement diploma in the name of the student as it appeared at the original time of issue will be provided upon written request of the student, and payment for materials, printing, and delivery (currently $30). The replacement will be provided in the current format and with current signatures.

If a student's name has been legally changed by marriage, court order, or gender change, a new diploma may be issued upon written request, including legal proof of the change and payment of the fee. Requests for diploma replacements for deceased alumni by a spouse or child will be considered if accompanied by the written request noted above, an explanation of the circumstances, a death certificate, and documentation of the relationship. Muhlenberg reserves the right to determine whether such a replacement is possible and appropriate.

For framing considerations, the Muhlenberg diploma is "landscape" and measures 10 inches by 8 inches (25.4 cm. by 20.4 cm.).

If you have any questions related to replacement diplomas, please contact us at [email protected].

Muhlenberg College's diplomas are written in Latin. An English translation follows.


To all who read this document, Greetings.

We, the President and Faculty of Muhlenberg College, wish to bear witness that

[student's name]

an upstanding youth, an adopted child of this College, has been devoted to pursuing studies and instruction and that, recommended by us, by consent of the Board of Trustees, has earned the degree of

[degree name, followed by Latin honors when appropriate]

and likewise all the rights, privileges, and honors pertaining to the same. In testimony of which fact, we have affixed the seal of the College and our names.

Given in the city of Allentown in [month] in the Year of the Lord [year].

signed individually by
the Secretary of the Board of Trustees; the President of the College, and the Chief Academic Officer (Provost) of the College

[other honors when appropriate]



Honors appearing on the diploma for those who earned them:

  • Latin honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude), based on the cumulative grade-point average
  • Dana Scholars, Muhlenberg Scholars, R.J. Fellows, and Shankweiler Scholars, honors programs which have additional requirements to be completed