Faculty Advisors and Staff Mentors

Program Directors

Robin Riley-Casey
Co-Director of the Emerging Leaders Program
Associate Dean of Students and Diversity Initiatives

Brooke Vick
Co-Director of the Emerging Leaders Program
Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Provst for Equity and Inclusion

Faculty Advisors

Keri Colabroy
Professor of Chemistry

Amy Corbin
Assistant Professor of Media & Communication and Film Studies

Robin Riley-Casey, co-director of the Emerging Leaders Program, speaks with students enrolled in the program.

Staff Mentors

Melissa Falk
Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid

Eveily Freeman
Associate Director of Community Engagement

RaeVaughn Gardner-Williams
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Beth Halpern
Director of Community Engagement

Kenyamo McFarlane
Assistant Director of Admissions

Chelsea Schoen
Associate Director of Admissions

Eric Thompson
Associate Director of Admissions