Theatre in Depth

The Theatre & Dance Department offers a wide array of courses in the literature, history, and theory of the theatre. The Theatre Program also collaborates with many programs across campus to offer a wide-ranging curriculum — including theatrical traditions from numerous historical eras and geographic locales.

All theatre students take at least five of these Theatre Scholarship courses. Recent course offerings include:

Dramatic Literature:

  • African American Drama
  • Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare Reproduced (Shakespeare on Film)
  • Modern Drama
  • Postwar Drama
  • Contemporary Irish Drama
  • Pinter and Stoppard
  • French Theatre
  • German Drama
  • Spanish Theatre in the Golden Age
  • Russian Drama

Theatre History:

  • Post-Independence African Theatre
  • Nineteenth Century American Theatre
  • Cultural History of the American Musical
  • Queer Performance in the Twentieth Century
  • Contemporary Drama and Performance Art
  • Renaissance Plays in Process
  • Restaging the Restoration (Restoration and Eighteenth Century Theatre)
  • Opera

Theatrical & Aesthetic Theory:

  • Performance Studies
  • Feminist Theories of the Theatre
  • Philosophy and the Arts
  • Bodies of Knowledge
  • Religion and the Performing Arts in India
  • Black Aesthetics

Not all courses are offered every semester. Additional courses meeting the major requirements are offered through study abroad programs in London and Tuscany.

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