The Theatre Major

The academic program in Theatre provides majors with a thorough background in the history, theory, and literature of performance, as well as frequent opportunities for structured studio experiences in performance and design.

Theatre majors may choose to focus their coursework on any of five Concentrations of Study — and may pursue all of their interests with multiple concentrations, dual majors, and other cross-curricular options — all augmented by Muhlenberg's extensive and award-winning production program.

Here's what all theatre majors can expect:
  • Extensive professional training in the concentration they select, under the direct guidance of active, experienced theatre professionals.
  • A comprehensive survey of all aspects of the theatre arts, both practical and academic.
  • A thorough grounding in the liberal arts, with daily opportunities to interweave their arts and sciences coursework with their theatre studies.
Theatre majors select from one of five concentrations, detailed below...

* The two Design and Technology concentrations — Production Design and Stage Management — are technically concentrations within the Theatre Program, although students work on both theatre and dance productions and study techniques of both.

Take a look at the College Course Catalog. Courses and requirements for the Dance major and minor can be found here.

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