Faculty and Lecturers serving on various committees for the current academic year are listed below.

Continuing Members:

Mark Stein (ss)
Mark Emerick (ss, away Spring 2023)
Ioanna Chatzidimitriou (h) (away Spring 2023)
Mohsin Hashim (ss)
Christine Ingersoll (s)
Ross Dardani (ss)
Sherri Young (s) (3)
Daniel Doviak (h, Spring 2023 only)
Brett Fadem (s, Spring 2023 only)



a. To exercise jurisdiction over the curriculum, including review of the entire curriculum, as well as the addition or elimination of courses.
b. To receive suggestions for course changes and significant changes in the requirements or structure of any major or minor and make appropriate recommendations for faculty action.
c. To act in an advisory capacity and make recommendations to the President and Provost, especially on student appeals for waivers of academic regulations pertaining to curriculum requirements. (Muhlenberg College Faculty Handbook)        

CC receives proposals for new courses (or significant revisions) as well as proposed changes to or additions of major and minor programs.  With the general recommendation by CC, the proposals go to the faculty for a vote.  General Academic Requirement (GAR) designations and self-designed majors require only CC approval.  In reviewing proposals for courses to satisfy GARs, CC uses guidelines approved by the faculty and works cooperatively with Academic Policy Committee to interpret and clarify these standards.



All Self Designed Majors forms can be accessed through Staff Tools 


Examples of Major Curriculum Proposals

Integrative Learning

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