Faculty Personnel and Policies


Faculty and Lecturers serving on various committees for the current academic year are listed below.

Continuing Members:

Michael Allocca, Chair (s)
Raymond Barnes (h)
Benjamin Carter (ss)
Ioanna Chatzidimitrou (h)
Alexandra Frazer (ss)
Joseph Keane (s)
Jason Kelsey (s)
Daniel Lesawitz (h)
Lanethea Mathews-Shultz (ss)



a. To consider questions, recommend policy to the President for appropriate action, and represent the faculty in the following areas: general conditions of employment, including questions of contracts (letters of appointment), retirement, compensation, teaching loads and non-teaching assignments.
b. To act as an appellate body (without the ex officio members of the committee) to consider individual faculty personnel problems other than tenure and promotion appeals directed to it by any faculty member and to make recommendations to the President of the College (see Section 4.3 for Problem Resolution Procedures).
c. To review and recommend the regular publication and revision of the Trustees’ Handbook for Faculty.
d. To serve as a liaison group between the faculty and the administrative officers on pertinent matters. ()