Faculty Development and Scholarship Committee


Below is a list the names of current members of FDSC with each member's division.

Continuing Members:

Daniel Leisawitz (h, away Spring 2023), Chair
Linda McGuire (s, away Spring 2023)
Giancarlo Cuadra (s)
David Romberg (ss)
Steven Coutinho (h, away Fall 2022)
Ellen Rackas (ss)
Beatrice Bradley (h, 1 year only)
Hamed Yaghoobian (s, Spring 23 only)
Randall Smith (h, Spring 23 only)



a. To identify the interests and needs of the faculty concerning their professional growth and development. 
b. To help develop and implement an on-going program of faculty development which includes the areas of teaching, advising, and scholarship and research.
c. To recommend to the President for appropriate action guidelines governing grants for faculty development, scholarship, and travel.
d. To consider requests and review applications for sabbatical leaves and leaves of absence and to make recommendations to the President concerning such requests.
e. To consider and review applications for faculty summer grants and make
recommendations to the Provost regarding these grants.
f. To review applicants and make recommendations for the Class of 1932 Research Professor and the Donald B. Hoffman Research Fellowship and to nominate faculty members for the Robert C. Williams Award for Junior Faculty and to make recommendations to the President concerning these faculty awards.  


Applications and Information

Faculty Summer Grants

Student Research Opportunities

Address Muhlenberg College Office of the Provost College Center, 3rd Floor 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104