Traditional Bachelor's Degree Offerings

Students may earn a bachelor of Arts or Science degree through the School of Continuing Studies. However, not all classes are offered during the evening hours, and some programs will require day classes.

The list below details whether day classes or evening classes are required.

Day and Evening ClassesEvening Classes
Art Accounting
Biochemistry American Studies
Biology Business Administration
Chemistry English
Computer Science Finance
Economics History
Environmental Science Psychology
Film Studies  
Languages, Literature & Cultures  
Media & Communication  
Preprofessional Programs (including premed & prelaw)  
Religion Studies  

Muhlenberg accepts comparable credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Students may transfer in up to 16 classes from other institutions toward their Muhlenberg degree. We also accept credit for prior learning. Students can demonstrate their knowledge through both CLEP and DSST examinations.

Muhlenberg offers adult students the option to enroll for credit classes in several formats: the traditional 15–week program, eight-week sessions or Saturday sessions.

*The maximum number of courses (day or evening) a student may roster during each fall or spring semester is five. In addition, students may roster up to two "day" courses during either the fall or spring semester (for a total of four). The maximum number of courses allowed during the summer session is two courses per session (for a total of four summer courses ).

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